The following is Humetrix’s full statement of privacy practices for its iBlueButton app. A SHORTER PRIVACY NOTICE IS AVAILABLE HERE.

Humetrix is dedicated to protecting the privacy rights of users of the App. Our policies with respect to the handling of personal information with respect to the App are described within this Privacy Statement.

We may change, add, or remove portions of this Statement of Privacy Practices at any time, and such changes shall become effective immediately upon posting. A USER’S CONTINUED USE OF THE APP FOLLOWING THE POSTING OF CHANGES TO THE PRIVACY POLICY WILL MEAN THAT THE USER ACCEPTS THOSE CHANGES.

Information We Collect, Why We Collect It and Who Sees It.
Humetrix automatically collects technical data and related information about the user’s device, operating system and application software that is gathered periodically to facilitate the provision of application updates, identify problems with the application, and provide product support to the user of the App. This information does not personally identify the user.

Humetrix automatically collects information that does not personally identify you about the use of the App, such as information indicating that the App has been downloaded or that the App has been used to retrieve a patient record. The App is not supported via advertising and does not use the data it collects for advertising purposes.

Information We Do Not Collect
Patients who use the App control the entry or receipt of individually identifiable health information when using the App. This information includes demographic information (name, address and date of birth), information about the patient’s past, present or future physical or mental health conditions, health care services the patient receives and past, present or future payment for healthcare. Humetrix does not collect this information. This information resides on the user’s smartphone or tablet and is not collected by or accessible by Humetrix.

The App allow users to take photos from within the App. Humetrix does not collect or have access to any information that the user stores through the App’s camera functionalities.

The App does not collect personally identifiable information about a user’s online activities over time and across third-party Web sites or online services. The App does not collect precise information about the location of a user’s mobile device.

Users may choose to backup encrypted information to the iCloud server (for iPhone App users) or to Google Drive (for Android App users). No backup data is stored by Humetrix.

Service Providers
Humetrix software de-duplicates and translates the medical and diagnostic codes that are part of your medical record. To do this in an efficient manner, our software leverages third party cloud infrastructure for hosting. The information pathway between Humetrix and the cloud service provider is encrypted and does not contain personally identifiable information.

On the Android version of the app, we use software called Firebase Crashlytics to identify and fix any programming issues which could result in the app crashing. We do not use Firebase Crashlytics for any purposes other than programming support.

Data Retention
Humetrix does not retain personally identifiable information about its users.

Managing Your Information
A user may edit or delete his or her own information through the App. Please note that some personal data may be required in order for the App to function properly.

We do not knowingly solicit data from or market to children under the age of 13.

The App encrypts stored data that resides within the App. Additionally, when the App is used to take pictures using the mobile device’s camera, the pictures are stored by the App and are similarly encrypted. Users should be cautious when using the App to transfer electronic Personal Health Information (ePHI) to other software programs on the mobile device (such as an e-mail program), after which the ePHI will no longer be encrypted by the App. If the User chooses to transfer ePHI to the mobile device’s e-mail program, the App will not encrypt the e-mail.

Humetrix does not collect or store individually identifiable health information or other personal information from users. It is the user’s responsibility to protect the personal information that resides on his or her device. Users should use a strong password using a combination of letters and numbers that are not easily guessed and they should not share the password with others. If a user shares a device, the user should always close all active App and log out before leaving the device unattended.

Even with the above described security, Humetrix cannot guarantee that a user’s information will be 100% protected. For example, a user’s individually identifiable health information may be accessed by an unauthorized party if the user’s smartphone or tablet is lost or stolen and the user has chosen a weak password for the App, or if the user chooses to use the App to e-mail individually identifiable health information and the e-mail is intercepted or misdirected. Users enter individually identifiable health information into the App at their own risk and should take appropriate steps to maintain the security of their information, such as by choosing a password that is not easily guessed.

Your California Privacy Rights
Residents of the State of California have the right to request information from Humetrix regarding third parties to whom we have disclosed certain categories of personal information during the preceding year for those third parties’ direct marketing purposes. We do not disclose personal information to third parties for those third parties’ direct marketing purposes.

Questions, complaints, and contacts
If you have any questions about this Statement of Privacy Practices or Humetrix’s policies and practices concerning the App, you can contact Humetrix by telephone at 1-888-702-2227 or by U.S. mail at the address below:

1155 Camino Del Mar, #503
Del Mar, California 92014

Phone: 888-702-2227

Updated May 17, 2019